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External Glass Window Cleaning Services Dubai

External Glass Window Cleaning Services Dubai. In the dusty weather of Dubai, external glass windows often bear the brunt of dirt and dust. To combat this, “Noor Alnada Cleaning Service Co.” presents top-notch external glass window cleaning services dubai. Our experts ensure a fine cleaning process, reaching every nook and cranny of your space.

Why Choose Our Window Cleaning Services:

  1. Professional Team: Our team of sweepers and cleaners is highly professional, pre-screened, and equipped with identity cards for your peace of mind.
  2. Free Estimates: We provide free estimates tailored to your external glass cleaning needs, ensuring transparency in our pricing.
  3. Custom-Made Services: We offer custom-made services with special charges, catering to the unique requirements of your space.
  4. Advanced Equipment: With telescopic water-fed poles reaching up to five stories, rope access for sky-crapping windows, and a four-stage water purification system, we employ cutting-edge technology for efficient cleaning.
  5. Environment-Friendly Practices: We prioritizes environmental safety by using bio-degradable and eco-friendly cleaning materials.
  6. Availability 24/7: Our cleaning services are available 24×7, and our team can reach your doorstep within thirty minutes to serve you promptly.


Window Cleaning Services Dubai


Our Window Cleaning Process:

  1. Friendly Survey and Planning: Our experts start with a friendly survey of your place to plan the most effective cleaning process.
  2. Gentle Cleaning Solution: We apply a gentle and specialized cleaning solution to tackle dirt, grime, and grease, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly approach.
  3. No-Scratch Rubbing and Scrubbing: Our team uses advanced equipment and hand sponges for a gentle rubbing and scrubbing process, leaving your windows scratch-free.
  4. Squeegee Magic: To remove 99.9% of dirt and water, we use a professional-grade squeegee, making your windows sparkle.
  5. Dry Cleaning and Extra Care: We wrap up with dry cleaning of edges and sills, taking extra care to avoid water splashing on walls and leaving your premises as clean as before.

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